Help us be "First for You"!  Donations are welcome!

There are many ways to donate to the Redding Regional Chapter.  Call Scott Borg, Chapter President at (530) 221-4650 if you have something to donate.

1. Donate time:  The Chapter runs with only ten Directors.  Please click on the "Who We Are" button above to learn more about Redding Regional Chapter.  We are currently seeking persons interested in helping the Chapter be "First for Conservation", "First For Hunters" and "First for You"!  Someone once said volunteers are not paid because they are worthless, but because they are priceless!

2. Donate to our Annual Fundraising Banquet:   You can help us be "First" by donating hunting, fishing and outdoor-related merchandise for our next Redding Regional Chapter's Annual Banquet to be held at Win River Event Center, 1200 Redding Rancheria Road, Redding, California.

3.  Donate animal mounts, horns, hides, rugs, skulls and antlers:  You can help us provide the Chapter's Sensory Safari Trailer with new and interesting animal mounts.  We are often asked if we could use more animal mounts and the answer is definitely yes!   The Chapter utilizes the mounts and other items as a teaching aid to local school's science departments and sight challenged children.   Please click on the "What We Do" button above to learn more about the Chapter's Sensory Safari Trailer.  Please call Ed Rude, Chapter Vice President at (530) 221-4833 to donate such items.   Ed is our resident taxidermist and also owns Buck's Taxidermy in Redding.

4. Donate cash:  Cash is always good since the Chapter can utilize it easily whether it be for banquet items or funding programs that benefit local school children, disabled veterans and at risk adults.

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