2018 Non-Resident Tag Application Deadlines by State.
Dates are often changed by the respective state, so check the deadlines often!

State Species Non-Resident Application Deadlines Results Posted Web Site
Arizona Elk & Antelope January 20, 2018 Late April Arizona Game & Fish
Arizona Deer & Sheep June 13, 2018 Late July Arizona Game & Fish
California All Species June 2 Mid-June California Fish And Game
Colorado Sheep & Goat April 5 Mid-May Colorado DOW
Colorado All Other Species April 3 Mid-June Colorado DOW
Idaho Moose, Sheep, Goat April 30 Mid-July Idaho Fish and Game
Idaho All Other Species June5 Mid-July Idaho Fish and Game
Montana General Elk & Deer June 1 July 18 Montana Fish and Wildlife
Montana Moose, Sheep, Goat May 2 Mid-June Montana Fish and Wildlife
Montana Special Draws June 1 Mid July Montana Fish and Wildlife
Nevada All Species April 18 Mid-June Nevada Dept. of Wildlife
New Mexico All Species March 28 Mid-June New Mexico Dept. of Fish and Game
Oregon All Species May 15 Mid-June Oregon Dept. Fish and Wildlife
Utah All Species February 29 Late April Utah Division of Wildlife
Wyoming Deer & Antelope March 15 Late June Wyoming Game and Fish
Wyoming Moose, Sheep, Goat February 28 Early May Wyoming Game and Fish
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Updated January 4, 2023.